Smart solutions for your brand

Corna & Fratus s.r.l. is patent-owner of "SMART CAP". We've integrated an NFC Tag inside our products; This tech allows you to write informations inside the cap; You can simply insert a text message, a link to a webpage - for example "" - or program the chip to show a web-precharged picture or auto-play a Youtube video;
SmartCap is based on NFC tech, basically a RFID trasponder that operates at 13.56 MHz. They are tiny chips (integrated circuits) connected to an antenna. The chip has a unique ID and a part of rewritable memory. The antenna allows the chip to interact with an NFC reader/scanner, like an NFC smartphone.

Using a free app (available both for Ios / Android) you can write information on the available memory of an NFC Chip. ​​The memory of NFC tags varies according to the type of chip, but generally in the most common ones it is less than 1 kilobyte. This may seem like a limitation, but in reality only a few bytes are enough to get amazing functions, thanks to the NDEF standard, the data format for the NFC encoded by the NFC Forum.
The informations inside the chip can be easily read (and executed) by NFC device, like a smartphone or a tablet.The NFC tag do not require, at least for Android, any application to be read. You can just hold your smartphone near the Smartcap to show the content or execute some simple commands, like open a webpage; otherwise You just have to tap the Tag with your device.