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The Manufacturing Process


Step1: Project

Starting from the customer's drawing, a techician prepares a vector graphics file that will be used for the turning process.

Step2: Raw Material

Preparing the material is very difficult. It's important to use the exact amount of color pigment combined with the thermoset resin. Each material has its own "recipe".


Step3: Turning Process

A CNC machine uses the vector file to turn the material block into the desired shape.

Step4: Unpolished product

The result of the turning process: the piece seems to be ready but doesn't look so good. It's still scuffed and has to be polished.

Step5: Polishing process

Using a special vibrating machinery, with assorted sizes of ceramic bricks we can polish the piece till all the scuffs and marks, caused by the turning process, will be smoothed. This operation can last from a few hours to a whole day.

Step6: Finished product

The piece is now finished and ready to be packaged and placed on the market. To further enhance the quality it can also be vernished with a transparend layer of UV vernish, available also in shiny or matt finish.

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