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The Polyester resin

What we work with

The Polyester is a viscous semi-liquid thermosetting resin.

Once cooled down it became a hardened solid material;

Thanks to its structure and specific technical composition it can be

turned into many different figures and shapes.

Colors, shades, and blurs effects range from pastels to earth tone,

from pearl to stratified multicolor, from shiny glitter to matt horn imitations.

Considering the personalization possibilities both for the resin's colors and shapes there is an almost practically limitless range of products.

The BioResin

 A step towards the future

For some time the world has been projected towards a more sustainable future, free of fossil fuels, with the reduction of CO2 emissions into the air and the use of raw materials from renewable sources.

The commitment of the entire supply chain has resulted in the reduction, for all our products, of a percentage of resin of fossil origin and the replacement with the new BioResin, eco-sustainable because it is composed of biomass and renewable raw materials;

In this way it’s possible to reduce the using of raw materials of

fossil origin by an average of 30%.

The ingredients that make up a BioResin are, for example, cornstarch,

vegetables oils and/or fat, sugar waste products, which are treated

through upcycling and requalified;

We don’t use ingredients of animal origin, or intended for food supply chain.


And what about the quality?

No difference from the past

Almost 50 years of experience have taught us that quality

always comes first, especially in a industry that makes

design its strongest point;

For this reason we have spent many time and resources and

experimented a lot before obtaining these results,

but now we are proud to say that our new BioResin products

have the same quality and versatility as always;

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