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Styrene Free Bio-Based Resin

Caps&Fashion always cared about ecological and environmental issues, and keep searching for new green solutions. Today, thanks to the new styrene-free resin, a further step forward has been taken on the road towards a more eco-sustainable world.

The styrene is a monomer of the hydrocarbon family, obtained from natural gas or oil through specific production processes, and thanks to its chemical properties it has been widely used over the years with numerous applications.
We can find products made with styrene in everyday life, just think about plastic containers for cosmetic, food and medical packaging, or the components of radios, electronic devices, cars, etc.

The elimination of the styrene from our resins therefore contributes to further reducing the use of petrochemical products.
The new styrene-free resin is also in full compliance with the FRENCH LAW n° 2021-1104 OF AUGUST 21, 2021, regarding the fight against climate change and on strengthening resilience to its effects.

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