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Caps&Fashion Green Project

Eco-friendly project

Nowadays, the whole world cares about the ecosystem; Caps&Fashion focused R&D department on finding a solution to produce new materials while protecting the environment.

 Thanks to the strong commercial relationships built up over the years with raw material suppliers, a new eco-friendly resin has been developed. The percentage of organic and natural components consumed during the production phases, such as biomass or biofuel, have been increased at the expense of petrochemical products.

Even so, the resulting material preserves all the technical, color and brilliance properties, which remain intacts over time. The long-term goal is the complete elimination of fossil fuels.

This is not enough


Today the markets focus on recyclability, but Capsandfashion strongly believes that it's necessary to go far beyond this concept; even if many materials could be recycled, only a very small part of them really are, because of the high cost of sorting and processing or the lack of attention of the subjects involved into the consumer chain.


The key point is "REUSE".


Only by reusing objects over and over again it will be truly possible to reduce waste and take care of the environment, and that's why it's important to have quality products that last over time and can be reused; that's why it's better choosing a water bottle than to continue buying new bottles made of recyclable plastic; in the same way it's better to create caps that can be paired with refillable bottles, and thanks to their higher quality, will maintain their beauty and functionality over time.


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